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Heroes Of Our Time

My father was a man of conviction, and was driven by his research in military history, his goal being to ensure acts of heroism, courage and bravery were never forgotten.  Therefore it was both my partner's and my wish that his research should also never be forgotten and most importantly would not go to waste.


It is with great thanks to my partner Darren who has painstakingly gone through all his documents, notes and pictures that this website has been created.  Truly a lasting tribute to my father’s hard work and dedication to the cause.  The aim of the site is really to give everyone an insight into all the work he did and hopefully help other people in their research.  


Please keep in mind that nearly all the contents of the website has come from the paperwork, notes and images taken by Richard Charles Gray before he sadly passed away so we did not have his knowledge to draw upon to correct any matters we may have not got exactly right.  Please feel free to contact us with any corrections, amendments or indeed additions that you would like added to the site.  We need his memory to live on so will gladly accept comment.


Thanks must go to Len and ColinA at for help providing photos, but I am sure there are many others who we are immensely grateful to.


Overall my father was a very underestimated but intelligent man that during his life had an interest in both mechanics, wildlife and nature.   He led a long career in lorry driving, and had a passion for motorbikes.  He loved animals and was lucky enough to have a book published about the mischief and chaos caused by his two much trusted friends Baz and Jasper, two Golden Labradors.


He was a man of many talents who we affectionately called ‘gadget man’ as he would always build a tool to solve every problem.


Unfortunately my father unexpectedly and suddenly left us on August 5th 2017, which was such a shame as I am sure he had much more to offer us, and could have helped many more people in their research.  His research has touched and helped people worldwide gaining friends and contacts in Belgium, Canada and beyond.  


His final end came with the utmost and greatest respect, having the honour of his ashes being scattered by the thrust of the engines of his favourite plane the Lancaster Bomber at Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre.


I hope that this website will be a lasting tribute to my Dad.



Donna Gray - proud daughter






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