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Heroes Of Our Time

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Poringland Memorial Garden

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1914 - 1918


William Tubby

Edward Briggs

Leonard Briggs

Edward C. Hewett

Ralph Taylor

Geoffrey Taylor

Bertie Press

Charles Utting

Bertie Brooks

L. William Minns

Percy Wilson


1939 - 1945


Bertie R. Aldridge

Charles F. Brooks

H. W. Revel Burroughs D.C.M.

Lennox G. Davy

Douglas C. Holmes

Michael C. Mitchell

John M. A. Neale

Alfred Pleasants

Guy R. Taylor


Dedicated to those of this parish who fought and died for their country


May their sacrifice never be forgotten


Poringland War Memorial 1


Poringland Memorial Garden


Poringland War Memorial 2


Poringland War Memorial 3