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Heroes Of Our Time

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Recommended Reading and Viewing

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Below are a list of recommended books, films and documentaries related to Richard's interests/research, and which have since been read or watched by his daughter Donna:-




RAF 100 1918-2018 Technical Innovations Manual (Haynes) - available from Amazon


MacRobert's Reply (Philip Hamlyn Williams) - available from Amazon


RAF 100 Group Kindred Spirits (Janine Harrington) - available from Amazon


RAF No. 100 Group Bomber Command 1943 - 1945: A Brief History (Len Bartram / Janine Harrington) - available from City Bookshop


First Light (Geoffrey Wellum) - available from Amazon





Plane Resurrection -  Nik Coleman TV - available from - also shown on Netflix and Amazon





Darkest Hour - available from Amazon