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Heroes Of Our Time

Bases in Norfolk WW2


Attlebridge, Station 120: 8 m NW of Norwich, originally for the RAF No. 2 group light bombers, then 319th (B26 Marauders) and 466th (784/785/786/787 BS) Bomb Group (B24 Liberators), RAF 105 and 88 Sq. (Bostons, Blenheims), No. 320 (Dutch) Sqdn., now: turkey farm, tower used as offices


Bircham Newton, 12 m NE of King's Lynn, RAF 206 and 42 Sq. (Ansons), 403 Meteorological Reconnaissance Flights. Buildings in commercial use.


Bodney, Station 141: 5 m W of Watton, 352nd Fighter Group (328/486/487 FS) (P47 Thunderbolts), RAF 90 Sq. Fortress MkIs, 82 and 21 Sq. (Blenheims and Lockheed Venturas), now: control tower and some buildings remain, MOD training area camp in original nissen huts, with memorial at gate, various units


Coltishall, RAF 66 Sq. (Spitfires), 257 Sq., 242 Sq. (Hurricanes), 151 Sq. (Defiants), 133 Eagle Sq., 307 Sq. (Mosquitos), now: RAF base, operational (Tornadoes, Jaguars, Harriers)


Deopham Green, Station 142: 4 miles W of Wymondham, 452nd (728/729/730/731 BS) Bomb Group (B17 Fortresses), now: agriculture, runway remains, memorial plaque, pictures in the pub at Deopham (The Victoria Inn).


Docking, RAF 206 Sq. (Hudsons), 2325 Sq. (Blenheims, Spitfires, Beaufighters, Whitley VIIs, Hampden torpedo bombers), later Coastal Command


Downham Market, RAF 218 Sq. (Stirlings), 608 Sq. (Mosquitos)


East Wretham, Station 133: 5 m NE of Thetford, 359th (368/369/370 FS) Fighter Group (P47 Thunderbolts), RAF 311 (Czech) and 115 Sq. (Wellingtons, Lancasters), now: base for the 4th Bn. The Queen's Lancashire Reg.


Feltwell: RAF 214 Sq., 37 Sq. (Wellingtons), 3 FTS Lancaster Finishing School. Some buildings remain, 3rd USAF base.


Fersfield, 4 m NW of Diss, 388th Bomb Group, USAAF and USN top secret testing field for radio-controlled flying bombs and Operation Aphrodite (in which Joseph Kennedy Jr was killed), now: agricultural land


Foulsham,9m NE of East Dereham: RAF 98 and 10 Sqdns, 514 Sq., 192 Sq with intelligence-gathering equipment. Buildings remains in farmland today.


Great Massingham, RAF 18 and 90 Sqdns, 107 Sq. (Blenheims), 342 Sq. (Bostons), 1692 Bomber Support Training Flight (Beaufighters)


Hardwick, Station 104: 4 m N of Harleston, 310th (B25 Mitchells) and 93rd (328/329/330/409 BS) Bomb Group, 'The Travelling Circus' (B24D Liberators) Groups, now: agricultural land, with some building remains


Hethel, Station 114: 4 m E of Wymondham, 320th, 310th and 389th (564/565/566/567 BS) Bomb Groups (B24 Liberators), nearby Ketteringham Hall HQ 2nd Air Division, RAF 65 Sq., now: Lotus Motor Co.


Horsham St Faith, Station 123: 4 m N of Norwich centre, 96th Wing HQ, 319th and 458th (752/753/754/755 BS) Bomb Groups (B24 Liberators), 56th Fighter Group, RAF 264 Sq. (Defiants), now: Norwich International Airport


Langham, RAF No. 1 Anti-Aircraft Co-operation Unit, 819Sq. (Swordfish), 524 Sq. (Wellingtons),455 (RAAF) and 489 (RNZAF) Sq. (Beaufighters). Runway remains in farming.


Little Snoring, RAF 115 Sq. (Lancasters), 169 and 515 Sq. (Blenheims, Beaufighters)


Ludham, RAF 19 and 610 Sq., 91 Sq. (Spitfire Mk XXIs)


Marham (formerly Narborough), RAF 38, 218, 115 and 105 Sq., now: RAF base, operational


Matlaske, RAF 72 Sq. (Spitfires, Westland Whirlwinds, Lysanders, Walruses and P51 Mustangs)


Methwold, RAF 37 Sq. (Wellingtons), 214 Sq., 487 Sq. (Ventures), 218 Sq. (Lancasters)


Neaton, Station 505: 8th USAAF 3rd SAD, see Watton


North Creake: RAF 199 and 171 Sq. (Lancasters, Wellingtons)


North Pickenham, Station 143: 3 m SE of Swaffham: 492nd (856/857/858/859 BS) and 491st (852/853/854/855 BS) Bomb Groups (B24 Liberators), 479th Sub Depot, 1261st MP, 326th Station Complem., 1450th Ordnance S&M Co., 1234th Quartermaster Co., 2108th Eng. Firefighter Plt., 266th Med. Dispensary (Avn), 208th Finance (Avn) Det. B, 882nd Chemical Co.; post-war Thor nuclear missile station, then test site for Harrier prototype, the Hawker Siddeley P1127 Kestrel, now: industrial area, Fruehauf trailer factory, turkey farm


Old Buckenham, 3 m SE of Attleborough: 453rd (732/733/734/735 BS) Bomb Group (B24 Liberators) (the 733rd set the unbeaten record of 82 consecutive missions without a loss), now: agricultural land, small craft landing strip with hangars and pictures in building, memorial


Oulton, south of Cromer: RAF 114 Sq. (B17 Fortresses, B24 Liberators, Bostons, B25 Mitchells)


Pulham: home of the pre-war 'Pulham Pigs' (airships, including the R101), munition depot and dumping ground, Italian POW camp


Rackheath, Station 145: 5 m NE of Norwich, 467th (788/789/790/791 BS) Bomb Group (B24 Liberators), now: agricultural land, remains of some buildings and tower.


Sculthorpe: RAF 464 and 487 Sq. (Mosquito FB VIs), 342 Free French Sq., USAAF B17F Fortresses, re-opened in 1950 for USAF bombers


Seething, Station 146: 5 m N of Bungay, 446th (448th) (712/713/714/715 BS) Bomb Group (B24 Liberators), now: local flying club and agricultural land, control tower (renovated) with honour roll and memorabilia


Shipdham, Station 115: 4 m SE of East Dereham, 14th Wing HQ, 219th Bomb Group (Medium), 320th and 44th (66/67/68/506 BS) Bomb Groups (B24 Liberators), after the war transit center for German POWs en route from Florida to their repatriation in Germany, now: air charter company and industrial site, control tower and Nissen hut remains


Snetterton Heath, Station 138: 4 m SW of Attleborough, 45th Wing HQ, 386th and 96th (337/338/339/413 BS) Bomb Groups (B17 Fortresses), 455th AAA, now: motor racing circuit, memorial and museum at Eccles boarding school, memorial window at Quidenham church


Stiffkey: Firing Range, IX ADC, III US Army, VIII Corps, 455th AAA


South Pickenham, decoy airfield


Swanton Morley: RAF 105 Sq. (Blenheims), 226 Sq. (Boston IIIs), 1508 and 1515 Blind Approach Training Flights, 1482 B&G Flights (Venturas, B25 Mitchells, Martinets), until 1995: RAF base, now operational Army base


Swannington: RAF 85 and 157 Sq. (Mosquitos with A1 Mk X radar)


Thorpe Abbots, Station 139: 4 m E of Diss, 100th (349/350/351/418 BS) Bomb Group, aka the "Bloody 100th" (B17 Fortresses), now: agricultural land, control tower (memorial and museum). The bomb group has a descendant at RAF Mildenhall, in the USAF 100th Air Refuelling Wing, with its tactical unit the 351st Air Refuelling Squadron, the only USAF refuelling unit in Europe.


Tibenham, Station 124: 6 m N of Diss, 445th (700/701/702/703 BS) Bomb Group (B24 Liberators), now: local flying club and farms, the old control tower was said to be haunted and was demolished in 1978.


Watton, Station 376: 8 m SE of Swaffham, 8th USAAF 802nd Recon. Group, 25th (652/653/654 BS) Bomb Group (R) (B24 Liberators, Mosquitos), 455th AAA (go to the special page for this unit), 3rd SAD at Neaton (Station 505), 19th Photo and Charting Sq., RAF 34 Sq. (Blenheims, Mosquitos), RAF Signals 199 Sqdn., pilot advanced training school, now: RAF station (closed) and farm buildings, several memorials, Neaton now HM Prison Wayland. Officers Mess building at Watton condemned, to be replaced by US PX for USAF staff in residential areas around the base, Watton Wartime Museum closed (April 2001), collections currently in storage


Wendling, Station 118: 4 m W of East Dereham, 392nd (576/577/578/579 BS) Bomb Group (B24H Liberators), now: some building remains, memorial obelisk, turkey farm


West Raynham: RAF 101, 18, 114, 614 and 180 Sq. (Blenheims), now: agricultural use, buildings remains, MOD property, closed 1993.


Weston Longville: actual location of Station 120 (Attlebridge), 8th USAAF 466th Bomb Group donated village sign


Weybourne: RAF radio-controlled Queen Bee targets, T Flight, 1 AACU, rocket testing