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Itteringham Home Guard

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Itteringham  Home Guard.  Ketton Cremer.


I have started this thread not for any request for information (although any is most welcome).


But to show other members that a simple picture can drag you into hours of researching and some of the pitfalls you may encounter.


Recently while searching for home guard information I came across this photo.




The title is


Itteringham Home Guard (+ other volunteers) on Aldborough Green Norfolk.


Kent and Sons Stores is on the right.


There is no date for the pic, but must be after May 1940 and was in 13 Battalion. HQ sheringham.


On this site  


A good read on the war year’s page, showing how life was in itteringham in ww2.


Now as I live in Norfolk and I know that Itteringham is a very small village, I wondered why the photo  was taken on Aldborough green about 4 miles away.


Then my eyes saw the man, middle row third from the right, immediately thinking he needs to get his hair cut. So putting the cursor on his head his name came up. Bertie Reynolds, It then clicked he was my uncle who lived in Itteringham (Married to my father’s sister). As it was in the early 60s that I last saw him I remember his weird hair, although it seemed to be more ginger then black.


Think you will agree about his hair, this is him on his wedding day 1927, the chap on the right, I think is his brother and has the same sort of curl affect.




Bertie Reynolds    31st Aug 1900 to June 1973.  


Now one of the pitfalls. As this pic seems to be the grooms brothers and sisters I thought I would try and find their names.


So this comes up in the 1911 Census. (BR1)


Name:        Bertie Reynolds

Age in 1911:        11

birth year:        abt 1900

Relation to Head:        Son

Gender:        Male

Birth Place:        Southrepps, Norfolk

Civil Parish:        Wickmere and Little Barningham

County/Island:        Norfolk

Country:        England

Street address:        The Green, Barningham Parva, Norwich

Occupation:        school

Registration district:        Aylsham


His parents William 34 and Alice 33.

Siblings: William 13, Florence 8, Robert 4, Percy1.


But so does’ this.  (BR2).                


Name:        Bertie Reynolds

Age in 1911:        11

Estimated birth year:        abt 1900

Relation to Head:        Son

Gender:        Male

Birth Place:        Plumstead, Norfolk

Civil Parish:        Saxthorpe and Mannington

Street address:        Near Gt Farm, Saxthorpe, Near Reepham, Norwich

Occupation:        school

Registration district:        Aylsham


Parents:  Charles 30,  Elizabeth 30.

Siblings: Fred 9, Percy 7, Charles 4, Lilian 2.


So this leaves me with 2 Berties and 2 Percys but different families.


I have plumped for (BR2.)  Reason being that (BR2) lived closer to my aunt (A) about a mile and half away and in the 1920s the mode of transport would only be horse, cycles and walking, so their paths would possible cross more often (see map). The second point is that their son was named Charles.


This brings me back to the IHG pic Back row second from the left Tom Baxter. Second from the right Tom Baxter. Initially just thought this was an error, however there were two Tom Baxters in the village. One whose first name was Herbert and would have been 39 in 1940 the other Tom would have been 26.


Then Bottom row first on the right Jimmy Baxter is he the chap on Ittering ROH?


James Baxter  Probably: Private 5776923. 5th Battalion Royal Norfolk Regiment.


Died 21st July 1943. Aged 26. Son of James and Emily Baxter, husband of Joyce Lilian Ivy Baxter of Norwich. Buried: Kanchanaburi War Cemetery, Thailand. Ref. 2.N.20.


Now those who are wondering why Ketton Cremer is in the title Well here goes.


5th man from the right bottom row is Ketton Cremer of Felbrig hall.


My first thoughts, why is a man of his standing, only in a small HG unit, 8 miles away from his home. Which today would take 38 mins by bike and 20 mins by car. So must have done a fair bit of travelling in those days. And don’t appear to be wearing any badges of rank.




U = unit base.  P = photo taken.   H = Home of Ketton  Cremer.


So was quite surprised when I found out his history. I believe that he joined the home guard while he waited for his call up to the RAF as he was in the R.A.F.V.R. and already held a pilots certificate.


Richard Thomas Wyndham Ketton Cremer

Birth Date: 11 Aug 1909

Birth Location: Sheringham.

1930s he was a agriculture student

On the 22nd of March 1934 at Norfolk and Norwich Aero club flying a Moth Cirrus 11 65 HP  he collected Certificate of flying 11825

So sometime after the Home guard photo was taken, he became Flying Officer Ketton Cremmer 75788  of 30 Sqd flying Bristol Blenheims.




Here he is again in Egypt or Crete?

Where he was killed at Maleme airfield, during the battle of Crete May 1941.

Some reports say he was killed on the 23rd . CWGC states 31st May.

He has no known grave, so is recorded on the El Alamein Memorial.


So does’ his story end here? Not quite in 2005 a book was published


A Life in Secrets: Vera Atkins and the Missing Agents of WWII.


Where he gets more than a mention.




Now with this information that he was in the western desert in July 1940 its very doubtful that he is the man in the photo. So it must be his brother Robert Wyndham Ketton- Cremer 1906 – 1996. Richard’s brother?