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Heroes Of Our Time

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Saxlingham War Memorial

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These Four Tablets Record

The Names Of The Men Who

Fought In The Great War

1914 - 1918




Aldis, Arthur

Aldis, George

Aldis, John

Aldis, William

Baker, Charles

Baker, James

Baker, Sidney

Baker, William

Baldrey, Richard

Bell, Rising

Bell, Walter

Brighton, Charles

Brighton, Leslie

Brighton, Wallace

Brookes, Harry

Coleman, John




Coleman, Paul

Coleman, Walter

Cooper, Robert

Cooper, William

Cudden, Benjamin

Dade, James

Dade, Tom

Dade, William

Davey, John

Emms, Ernest

English, Archie

English, Cecil

English, Clarence

Evans, Tom

Flint, Albert

Funnell, Robert

Harris, Bertie

Harris, William

Harwin, Earl

Heazle, Charles

Hook, Edgar




Howlett, Herbert

Hunt, Clement

Kemp, Horace

Kemp, Leonard

Moore, Albert

Moore, Alfred

Moore, Bertie

Moore, Frederick

Moore, Harry

Moore, Walter

Moore, William

Moore, William

Oldman, William

Page, Albert

Page, William

Palmer, Ernest

Pechey, Harry

Poyntz, Albert

Poyntz, Charles

Poyntz, George

Poyntz, William

Richmond, Arthur




Rix, Thomas

Scott, William

Shemming, Alfred

Shemming, Charles

Shemming, George

Sparkes, Claude

Sparkes, Wilfred

Steele, William

Thrower, George

Thrower, Henry

Whitham, Frederick

White, Samuel

Wilson, Alfred

Wilson, Alfred

Wiseman, Donald

Woodhouse, William

Woor, Luke

Yallop, Thomas

Youngman, Herbert

Youngman, Willie

Youngs, Andrew

Youngs, Victor





On The Panel On The

Other Side Of This Stone

Are Recorded The Names

Of The Men Who Fell

In The Great War

1914 - 1918


"Let Those Who Come After

See That Their Names

Be Not Forgotten"


Dennis Allen

Frederick Baker

George N Brighton

Tom Charlish

Arthur Emms

Bertie G English

Alfred Funnell

Sidney Hammond

Thomas Moore

George A Riches

Charles E Smith

George Smith

Sidney Waters

Ralph White

Reginald V White

Frederick Wilson