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Heroes Of Our Time

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Those We Have Lost

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Servicemen (and women) from many countries served with squadrons in 100 Group, such as Australia, Canada, US and New Zealand. We pay tribute to them all.


We must of course not forget all those who worked within the WAAF - drivers, radio operators, clerks - all of them doing whatever was required of them.



Remembered In Love.




Founders of RAF 100 Group Association


Martin Albert Staunton

Eileen Boorman (nee Staunton)

Len Bartram


Members of RAF 100 Group Association


Veronica 'Vera' James - 8 March 1925 - 25 June 2019 - wife of Association President, Phil James MBE. A wonderful Lady with a BIG heart!


192 Squadron


George Ward DFC Sqd/Ldr; Phil James' Canadian pilot

Kenneth 'Paddy' Passmore: DFC Flt/Lt; Canadian, died 2005

John Cooke left memorabilia to the Museum archive collection

Ron Phillips died late 2005

Ted Gomersall died 30 November 2004

Hank Cooper DSO, DFC died 2005

Michael Simpson W/Op & F/O died on the Isle of Man

Richie' Richards Rear Air Gunner, flew Wellingtons. Son, F L Richards, died August 2009

Air Commodore Vic Willis, C.O, RAF Foulsham, died 30 July 2006

Group Captain Jack Short died December 2006. Association Chairman till 1996

W.O (later P/O) A G McEachern RCAF died 15 August 2007, Saskatchewan aged 85

LAC Harris, Ground Crew died 15 August 2007.Grandson James Kerslake: Association member

Wing Commander David Donaldson, DSO*DFC died 15 January 2004

Wilhelmson, F/O Sander Willie Raymond (J10026). DFC Home: Elbow, Saskatchewan

F/Lt Richard (Dick or Dobbie) William Dobson, died 1996, remembered with love by son, Roger & daughter Susan. Roger Dobson - Association Chairman from May 2014.

W/O John Rhys Powell, Rear Gunner flying Wellingtons, died 1992

Sgt George Richards, Tail Gunner, posted missing 4/5 July 1944. Remembered by niece Cheryl Cairns nee Colgan & sister Agnes Colgan.

F/Lt Henry Victor Vinnell (Vic) posted missing 26/27 Nov 1944. Remembered by wartime fiancée Nina Chessall & daughter Janine Harrington, Association Secretary. 'Love is Eternal!'

P/O Jack Glen Millan Fisher, Royal Canadian Air Force, (Vic's friend & Pilot: Mosquito DK292) Posted missing 26/27 Nov 1944. Remembered by sisters Audrey, Gloria and family

Flt/Lt Albert Victor (Vic) Parker died November 14 2010. Remembered by daughter Ann Felsky

Spec/Op (Wop) John Henry Ball, Association member for many years, died 23 April 2009. Remembered by daughter, Susan Lawford

George Lowe, originally 1473 Flight before becoming 192 Squadron, Special Signals, Foulsham. Died 24 March 2011

F/O Alan Thomsett died 27 May 2011. Flew with 1473 Flight during Battle of the Beams, 1941, then as part of No. 80 Wing. Missed by daughter Anne, and Association members

Eric Clarkson, Wireless Operator/Navigator, died beginning of 2012. Remembered by daughter Jenny Bentley & friend Dennis Wildman.

Sqn/Ldr Cecil William Cornish, died 19 August 2011. Flt/Sgt at Foulsham. Initially with 98 Squadron, he was a survivor of the sinking of TS Lancastria

Flt/Sgt John Eggert (2202199) aka 'Shorty'. Died 28 April 2006

Sgt Hugh Holm, Radio Mechanic, remembered with love by Phil & Vera James, especially for kindness to them while holidaying in Canada

Macdonald, Kenneth Wynne CD, Colonel, Stan Forsyth's Skipper; died 12 February 2014. Missed by family and all who served with him

F/Sgt Earl Skjonsberg, mid-upper gunner on DT.O, in crew of Phil James MBE and remembered by him. Died October 2014

F/O Bryan Helme, Navigator on Wellington Flight & Halifax IV A/C, Aug 44-Feb45, completing 24 Ops, 8 Ops on Halifax w F/Lt Bob Gray. Died 22 May 2015. Remembered by daughter Sally

Sergeant Fitter IIA, William James 'Bill1 Rees, 1473 (Special Duties) Flight and ’B' Flight. Co- Author of 'Espionage in the Ether' and 'The Final Fling'. Remembered by John, Lynne & family

Sqn Ldr John Herbert Crotch DFC 1912 – 1994. Lovingly remembered by son Andrew Crotch, daughter Linda Read, Granddaughter Julia Read.

Stanley Forsyth DFC, Special Operator. Died night of 22.9.2018. Remembered with love by his Family, Janine & Stuart, and all who served with and knew him. God Bless, till we meet again xx

Flt/Lt Signals Officer Arthur Baxter Reid, died Saturday 14 Sept 2019. Remembered with love by son Arthur & Linda & his family; together with all who knew him. God Bless, till we meet again x


199 Squadron


F/O Ed Emmerson, Navigator to Flt/Lt Paddy Passmore DFC, Canadian

Arthur Fitch, former RAF Bomber, died July 2006

Group Captain George Cubby, MBE, FRMets died 2005. Remembered by wife Betty and Roy Smith, only surviving member of his crew. Also part of 171 Squadron

John Frederick Wincott, Gunner on 'Jolly Roger' EX-R. Died 2006. Remembered with love by son Tony and family.

Peter Sclaverano, W/O in 171, 199, 462 Sqns at North Creake. Died June 2018. Remembered with love by Janine as a good friend and all who knew him.

Vic Flowers served at North Creake. Died early 2018. Remembered by firm friend David Lang


171 Squadron


Joe Brogan, Halifax pilot died 2004, remembered by widow Sheila

Arthur Adcock died February 2008 & Syd Love, Canadian crew member, died April 2008. 'Friends to the end!"

Len Fanstone died 13 January 2010. Missed by Harry Freegard & wife, in touch since his return to Canada in 1946

Ken Ratcliffe Nav/Bomb Aimer died March 8 2010 age 86. Flew Halifax & Lancasters, in touch with crew all their lives. Also part of 102 Squadron

Flight Engineer Andrew Melvin Robertson died 1998. Remembered by son Colin Robertson. Wop/Ag Wilf Thompson died 1991. Remembered by son Peter, Association member

Warrant Officer Edwin Moore died 15 May 2014. Remembered by son Ian & family.

F/Lt Charles 'Chuck' Warner, Edwin Moore's pilot, died 6 July 1965.

Ernie Hughes, Flight Engineer. Died 11.6.2018. Remembered by crew member Jim 'Ginger' Fawcett, post-war friend Mel Carey, with fond memories carried by Janine Harrington & Stuart Borlase

Jim 'Ginger' Fawcett, died 1 March 2019. Remembered with love by wife Ruth and family

Henry 'Harry' Freegard, died 8 July 2019. Lovingly remembered by son Alan & family


157 Squadron


Flt/Lt Bryan Gale died 2 January 2009. Missed by daughter Valerie & son Chris


169 Squadron


Fred Herbert, Navigator/Radar, died 15.10.2010, remembered by friend, & pilot John Beeching

Flt/Lt Bert Vine, former Navigator of Sqdn/Ldr. James A. Wright, 'A' Flight Commander, both no longer with us, remembered by 169 pilot John Beeching

Flt/Lt Frank Win died 13 July 1998. Remembered by daughter Chris, and friend John Beeching

Brian Odam, Groundcrew, died 7 Feb 2019. Missed & loved by daughter Rosemary


1692 Flight


Albert Fairweather, Ground Crew at Great Massingham & Little Snoring. Died in 2002. Remembered with love by granddaughter Jane Fairweather & family


214 Squadron


Geoff Liles, Pilot, died 4 March 2006

Mr J Creech died April 2006

Don Austin, remembered by Les Bostock

Air Vice Marshall Jack Furner died 1 Jan 2007

Sqdn Leader/Flight Commander Bob Davies died June 2007

Bill Howard died October 2007

Flt/Lt Blair died Sept 2007

John Hereford, Spec Op

Robert Moorby W/Op died Jan 2008. Remembered by sons, Michael, Robin & Shirley Whitlock

Ft/Sgt Hadder, Air Gunner in Fortress III HB815, bearing code letters 'BU-J' killed 3/4 March 1945, remembered by nephew Leslie Barker

Alan Mercer died 6 June 2009

Warrant Officer Gordon Wing, 'Howie', died Nov 2009 age 87. Rear Gunner, Eric Morrison's crew, Stirlings/Fortresses; Founder member of Airgunners' Association

Robert Louie William Darracott, Navigator, died May 8 2010, 94 years

Flying Officer Reginald Coates completed 2nd Tour of Ops as Bomber Pilot in March 1945. Died 10 Nov 1963. Remembered by son

Bomb Aimer Les Bostock in Don Austin's crew died just before Christmas 2010. Remembered by M/U Gunner C. A. Piper, 'Pip'

Flt/Sgt George V Cox died 21 July 2011. Flight Engineer in crew of S/Ldr Miller DFC

Squadron Leader William 'Bill' Doy DFC died 28 November 2011

P/O Peter Witts 223/214/462 RAAF, Air Gunner, commissioned after the war. 1925 - 2011. Missed by family and friends, remains in our hearts, a legend

George Fisher, Navigator with No.214 REM & No.206 Squadrons 1942-1946, died 25 Sept 2012

Flying Officer William 'Bill' Foskett died 21 December 2011. Missed by wife Pauline, 2 sons, 4 grandchildren, good friend Tony Cooper

Russell Owen Douglas, Tail Gunner on Fortresses, ex-PoW, died in Nelson, New Zealand, 2013

Sgt Gerhard Heilig, Pilot Officer in post-war RAFVR; died 24 October 2014 in Austria. Loved and missed by wife Sissy, together with all who knew him. A true Gentleman!

Allan Chappell DFC, Navigator, flew more than 30 missions. Died 22 April 2016 aged 94 at the Austenwood Nursing Home, Gerrards Cross. Remembered by sons Peter and Stephen

Steve Nessner died the latter end of 2016, remembered with love by wife and family

Sgt F. Alan Wilkes died on 15 November 2016 aged 92 years. Missed by son Robert Wilkes

W/O Archibald 'Jim' Mitchell Navigator DFC died 5th April 2013 aged 92, Eric Morrison's crew Stirlings/Fortresses. Missed by daughters Judith and Angela

Alistair McDermid, Waist Gunner in Flying Fortresses, died 23.2.2017 aged 92.1 of only 2 survivors when intruder shot down plane over Oulton on 3/4 March 1945. Remembered by daughter Linda and family. Attended Reunions until 10 years ago

Flt/Lt Sidney Pike died 3 July 2017. Remembered with love by all who knew him

Paul Henry, Navigator died Aug 2018. Remembered with love by cousin Victoria, & all on the Association. Attended Reunions regularly with wife Peggy, as a Founder Member.

Flt/Lt James Wharton ‘Dinty’ Moore DFC died Aug 2018. Founding member of Association

Wing Commander John Wynne DFC died 19 November 2018. Remembered with love by wife & daughter. Son died just over one week previous to his father in a farming accident.

Flt Lt Vern L. Scantleton DFC, died 11 April 2019. Received Legion D'Honneur in 2015



223 Squadron


Flt/Lt A E L Morris (Tony) died June 2005. Andrew Barron's skipper: Oct 44 - 1945

Tom Butler 'Bishop'

C. L. Matthews {Les) Rear Gunner, Peter Witts Nose Gunner in Flt/L Stan Woodward DFC crew before Peter went on to 214 Squadron

Arthur Anthony, Flight Engineer, died 13 May 2006

F/Lt Jack Brigham DFC died 2008. Original Captain as 223 reformed. Flew Liberator TS524/6G-0; 36 ops. Remembered by Len Davies, Waist Gunner, only surviving member of crew

F/L Sir John Briscoe died a few years ago

2nd Pilot Mervyn Utah, Canadian in late Tony Morris's crew, died 8 Nov 2010

James Edward Bratten: 26.11.1922 -6.11.2001. Andrew Barron's crew

Mick Stirrop died March 2012

Flying Officer Reggie Wade, Navigator, died Christmas Eve 2012. Reggie served in the crew of Squadron Leader Carrington, Commander of 'B' Flight

Air Gunner John McLaren died 31.3.2013, leaving wife Margaret and son Graham

F/Lt Navigator Ron Johnson died August 2013. Missed by wife Betty & Richard Forder

W/Mechanic Desmond Pye, Ground Crew, B Flight died 3/4 May 2014, remembered by daughter Virginia Cranfield & family

Flt/Lt John R. Maunsell DFC, Navigator with Flt/Lt Alinutt crew, died beginning of 2015

Flt/Lt Robert Oliver Belton, Pilot died 11 January 2015. Remembered by family with love

Kenneth Lionel Stone, Tail Gunner on Liberators. Died early 2017. Remembered by son Roger

Dr Peter Lovatt, Squadron Leader, died in hospital 5.3.2018. Remembered with love by daughter Nina & Family. A well-known, well-loved Association member who regularly attended reunions

Flt/Lt Ronald Carpenter DFM, died 6 December 2011, aged 91. Remembered with love by devoted wife Barbara, son David, daughter Anne, and grandchildren

Pilot Officer P. G. Nash. Died 5th May 2018. George is remembered with love by daughter Barbara, and friend Richard Forder

Ron Simmons, Mark Levy's Navigator; Aircraft: A for Apple, Name: AD LIB, died November 2018. Loved and missed by all


23 Squadron


Flt/Lt Johnny Rivas, died 2 January 2013

Wing Commander Phil Russell died November 2012

'Bud' Badley, died beginning of 2013


239 Squadron


Fit Lt Cliff Rhind, Canadian Mosquito Pilot died 15 June 2017 aged 94 yrs. Missed as a muchloved volunteer at Alberta Aviation Museum, Edmonton, Canada


141 Squadron


Flt/Lt Doug Gregory DFC, Pilot died 2015 aged 92 yrs. Missed by wife Liz, son & daughter

F/Lt G D Bates, known as 'Charlie', served with F/O W S Field, his Navigator/Radio Operator


157 Squadron


W/Cdr K. H. P. Beauchamp DSO*, DFC, Commanding Officer 157 Squadron, Swannington, died 1996 aged 80 yrs. Missed by son Paul, Association member

Flt/Lt Bryan Gale died 2 January 2009. Missed by daughter Valerie & son Chris


515 Squadron


Flt/Sgt Reg Fidler, Navigator w Townsley crew on Mosquito died 4 August 2015. Remembered with love by daughter Jenny & husband Martin, with stepsons David & Laurie


88 Squadron


F/Lt Len Dellow died Christmas/New Year 2006-7; veteran of 88 Squadron, 2 Group & Rear Gunner/Wireless Operator on Bostons


85 Squadron


Wing Commander Branse Burbridge died 1 November 2016, missed by son and daughter


49 Squadron


Len Bradfield died Nov 2005. PoW w pilot Johnny Moss, shot down in Lancaster ED625. Nursed to health by Nora, who he married


462 RAAF Squadron


F/O H. R. Anderson DFC 'Andy' died 6 April 2008 in New South Wales


462 Squadron


Donald Hulbert died October 2009

Pilot Bruce Drinkwater died 2 May 2010. Peter Witt's Skipper

Warrant Officer Ken Spriggs died peacefully at home 20 January 2016. Loved and remembered by Wendy, his daughter, his family, and all who knew him in RAF 100 Group


Bylaugh Hall


Flt/O Shirley Bellwood, Intelligence Officer remembered with love by son Chris and friend John Stubbington, Wing Commander




Sergeant Aubrey 'Bill' Whitworth, Nose-Gunner on Lt Söderström crew, died 11 August 2015. Missed and loved by daughter Kim and family & all who knew him

Sergeant Lester Lee Jones, B24 Liberator Aerial Gunner on Lt George Landberg's crew, died 16 January 2018. Admired and respected always. Remembered by his family & all who served with him

S/Sgt Deacon Joseph 'Joe' Melita, Radio Operator on B24 ‘Lady in the Dark', died 2018. Remembered for his 40+ years in the Roman Catholic Church, his deep faith, courage and love

Art Brusila, Pilot, died on 2nd June 2018. Remembered by all who knew him

Donald Bursch, Lt Boehm crew. Remembered with love by all who knew him

John 'Des' Howarth, Lt McCarthy crew in Lt Boehm's B244 'Beast of Bourbon' when it crashed on Feb 19, 1945. Died Sunday 9.6.2019. Remembered with love by son Brian & all his family

Sgt Jack Hope, Tail Gunner for Lt Brookshire crew. Remembered with love by wife & family


9 Squadron


Rex Waters, New Zealander, took part in raids on 'Tirpitz' - died February 2018




Flt/Lt Eric Atkins DFC* KW* died 22.11.2011. Blenheim pilot with 139 Sqn flying from Horsham St Faith & Oulton in 1940/1. Flew Mosquitoes with 2 Group

Corporal Charles 'Fred' Savage, Wireless Operator serving in No. 2 Heavy Mobile W/T Section in France, 1940, died 18 Dec 2011





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